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A rape case

As a Nigerian man who actually pays dowry on his wife , the wife select few number of days to have sex with him in a month for fear of not want to get old quick.

Can the man be accused of rape if he resist the wife attitude to have his ways anytime?

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. No i don’t think so bcos the Bible says that women should be submissive to their husband so for a wife to say she will give him number of days for them to have fun with him is big enough to make him look outside and is not good to avoid her loosing him for another woman

  2. He may actual pushes the man out for life

  3. A wife should not tell the husband so rather it should be discussed politely between the two should in case the wife is not in the mood or is too tired to play her wifey duties and the husband should not make it a forceful either bcos there might be reasons for the woman to behave the way she did

  4. She will not deprived her body to her husband

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